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Why do I need an app?

98% of a museum visitors check their smartphone during their visit. In order to funnel your visitors’ attention, the app becomes an indispensable tool to complete their experience by offering engaging and interactive content. Your app is also an excellent source of information: from ticketing, opening hours to accessibility, make sure your visitors have prepared their tour beforehand.

Does the app need Wi-Fi to work?

An internet connection is only necessary to download the app. During the tour, the vast majority of apps can function without any Wi-Fi connection (except Web Apps.) However, we do recommend our clients to install an internet connection on-site to facilitate access to all relevant information online.

Do I need to know technical issues to be able to develop an app?

No. Your only task is to add all needed content on our intuitive platform, the smart • publisher. Our teams handle the rest: from design to mobile development until the publishing of the app. There’s nothing else you need to do. 

Could I get help creating my content for my app?

We can suggest experienced partners that can help you create the needed content for your app. You can simply ask your Account Manager for assistance and they’ll find the best partner needed for your storytelling and content creation.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Your subscription depends on the plan you’ve purchased. We have binding and non-binding subscriptions depending on your choice. When you’ve requested a personalized quote, we recommend a three-year license, but our minimum license period lasts one year.

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