Our on-site solutions are the perfect answer for visitors wanting an immersive experience on traditional equipment 

A personal and digital tour guide available on-site through device-borrowing

◦ Adapted to different device types, whether specifically supplied devices or general public devices

◦ Dedicated configuration with custom features for on-site distribution

◦ No download or install required by visitors

◦ No need for visitors to own a smartphone

◦ No internet connection required

◦ Compatible with all types of content (multimedia, text, 3D models)

◦ Custom paths and tours in any desired language

◦ Accessibility features

Can be adjusted to become a mobile app or a Web App (PWA) 


3 Reasons On-site Apps Are Ideal

No download. No installing. Your visitors have nothing to do except enjoy their visit. The apps are directly pre-downloaded on the desired equipment and devices and distributed without any limitation.

With custom configuration dedicated to the site, our solutions are specifically created for any type of equipment, they’re limitlessly adaptable and are compatible with all devices available on the market today

Guaranteed adaptability for a memorable experience. On-site apps designed by smartapps have all the advantages of a tradition device (audioguides, videoguides etc.) with new-technology features

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