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Our intuitive and custom mobile apps make every experience count.

A personal and digital tour guide, available on every smartphone

◦ Can be downloaded before or during the visit on the Apple (iOS) and Google Play (Android) stores

◦ Compatible with all types of content (multimedia, text, 3D models) 

◦ Accessibility features

◦ Custom tours in any desired language for your visitors

◦ Download & usage data

Easily adjusted for On-site distribution and Web Apps.

Our Mobile Apps Are

Easy to use

The app content is seamlessly added to our CMS: smart•publisher.

Intuitive and easy to use, the smart•publisher allows quick integrations and editing to the app content. 


All our features can be integrated in the app to make it efficient and high-performing.

From AR to games, byway of selfie filters and scanning options, your app can have as many features as liked without compromsing the quality content.


Every instituion has its own unique tours and routes, which tell a story like no one can. This is why our apps respect all the storytelling and adapt around the story to offer custom tours and perosnalized points of interest (POI) such as artworks, paintings, sculptures…etc. 


UX design is a priority for us. It’s at the heart of everything we do, always keeping in mind the final user’s needs and expectations. This process allows us to develop seamless solutions that are easy to use by all types of users. 


Share your collections and content with maximum security, whether it’s cybersecurity or hygenic security. Our apps replace traditional audioguides so that everything on them (from content to APIs) is stored on safe online servers. They also prevent staff from cleaning audioguides multiple times a day!


of visitors consult their smartphone at some point


of visitors believe digital solutions enhance their experience*


of visitors would recommend an efficient app they've used

Our average app score on the Stores


of all visitors download mobile apps to enjoy their visit*

* Survey conducted by smartapps with 100 visitors in three different museums.

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