Web App (PWA)



Based on performance, fluidity and enhancement, our Web Apps are ideal for on-the-go interpretation.

A personal and digital tour guide, accessed within seconds

◦ Easily accessed through a URL link or QR code

◦ No download or installing required by visitors

◦ Compatible with all types of content (multimedia, text, 3D models)

◦ Accessibility features

◦ Custom routes and tours for visitors, in any desired language 

◦ Download & usage data

Easily adjusted for On-site distribution and on Mobile Apps.


Why Aim for a Web App (PWA)?

Easy to edit and easier to update, Web Apps (PWA) don’t need any updates via traditional app Stores. They’re instantly modified and updated on the go, just like a web page. 

For optimal awareness, Web Apps are key since they’re referenced on search engines just like any other website. 

Web Apps (PWA) look the same on iOS et Android smartphones, because unlike immersive mobile apps, they are more used for content consultation and are developed for both OS.

Fast access and seamless transitions from one page to another, Web Apps offer intuitive digiatal interpretation.

With no download needed. No installing, nor payment, Web Apps are free tools that can be easily accessed via a simple QR code or a short URL link. 

 A Web App (PWA) is not a website, no matter the resemblence. It has optimal features on the user’s smartphone.

Comparing Features (Web App vs. Mobile App)

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A Web App (PWA) is


than a mobile app


than a mobile app

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