Like the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower

ENERGIZE the experience of your visitors!

The innovative visitor guide on your mobile device

smArtapps solutions match exactly what cultural and heritage venues are currently looking for to innovate in mediation with their audience.

Philippe Rivière, Head of Digital Services, Paris Musées

Designing your own mobile visitor guide
has never been so easy.
However, we can take care of everything for you :)

The smArtPublisher :

An exclusive CMS platform to design and update your mobile guide.
Access to all your content, design tours and publish in one click.

The smArtPlayer :

It is the smArtPublisher's companion: choose your features and graphic design from among our templates or create your own. If you like the result, then your application is ready!

Geolocalization :

We know the secret recipe to help your visitors find their way both inside and outside. Just a hint: installing a few BLE beacons is not enough :)

Le smArtAccess :

Our exclusive Wi-Fi system for mobile app downloading. Ultrafast and safe.
Active for over 3 years in the Louvre Museum and at the Eiffel Tower.

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They trust us and are happy to say so.

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smArtapps installed its Wi-Fi downloading system smArtAccess in full respect of our limitations and schedule.   The quality of its service and the durability of its equipment match the requirements of a venue such as the Eiffel Tower, welcoming  over 7 million visitors each year.

Emeric Livinec, Head of mobile applications, the Eiffel Tower