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Once upon a time Frédéric and Damien, while hanging around at the Modern Art Museum of the city of Paris (MAM), realized that everyone around them weren’t carrying audioguides... but all had their mobile phone in their hand.
The visitors and their smartphone are indivisible and their attention is split. Why shouldn’t catch their attention everywhere it is?
The two friends had an idea: giving the cultural venues all the tools to design innovative tour guides that match with the new ways of visiting a museum. smArtapps was born.


An intuitive tool of publication

The smArtPublisher is the content management platform exclusively developed for you to design and manager your mobile apps. Log in your account from any online computer. You have hands on your content (texts, images, audios, videos...): upload it and modify it according to your needs.
Choose the design of your application and test it right away with your smartphone.
You like the outcome? Publish it in one clic!


A customizable mobile app

Choose what features are the most useful to you

The smArtGuide is the tour guide designed by you for your visitors.
Among our many features, choose the most relevant to improve their experience.

A visit more smooth
• practical information
• geolocation
• interactive map
image recognition

A visite more interactive and playful
• games
Augmented Reality
• social sharing

A visite more instructive
• real-time agenda
• glossary
360 panorama


Get to know better your visitors thanks to data

With data, get to know your visitors even better and identify the features of your app that are most popular with them. You will be able to adjust your mediation tools to best meet their expectations and needs.

Indoor geolocation

Facilitating and interpreting the visitor’s tour

How does indoor geolocation work

The indoor geolocation allows the visitors to easily find their own way in the museum and guide them towards a specific service or artwork.  Therefore, we install beacons that interact with the smartphone with BLE (Bluetooth Low Technology) and enable precise positioning on the interactive map.
Collect strategic data in real time with the beacons: attendance of the rooms, streams, tour summaries... and learn more about your audience.

Indoor geolocation

Benefit from our expertise in UX Design

Since 2010, smArtapps helps cultural and touristic institutions to adapt their mediation tools to the new habits of their visitors. We implement UX Design principles to identify the needs of your visitors and advise you the best features to answer it: a real asset to increase your visitors satisfaction.

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